The Office Recording is a recording studio started by musicians, for musicians in North Andover, MA. Described by head engineer Mike Moschetto as a "constant work in progress," the space boasts a 325 sq. ft. live room with 14 ft. vaulted ceilings and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, plus some of the finest vintage and modern gear available. The studio resides within a small, single-story house that has been through a plethora of renovations over the years, and we couldn't be happier about this chapter.

Current projects:
Norcross - TBA full-length
Michael Thomas Doyle - Storm Colors
Joe Greaney and the Chasers - TBA full-length
Pilot - TBA split
Great American Ghost - TBA EP

“Why should I record at The Office?”
Given the increasing affordability of consumer-level audio equipment and the shifting nature of the music industry, it's become common to record at home - to "do it yourself." But there is at least one aspect of the “studio model” that is hard to deny: the human connection. Demoing material in your bedroom is fine, but at the end of the day, when you're ready to take your music seriously, make the leap. Book time at a great-sounding studio, with an engineer who knows their stuff and a producer who will put time & effort into developing your sound. At The Office, you’ll find all of this and more.

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